Mission: To help Canadians reach their goals one step at a time. 

VKO Financial is based on trust and transparency. We believe that relationships do not get built overnight. Trust takes time and commitment from both parties. We ensure to follow-up on all requests and expect nothing less than our definition of perfection. At VKO Financial, we strive on simplicity and personalized strategies to help clients meet their goals.


A financial plan is a comprehensive plan that organizes, elaborates and prioritizes your goals (short and long term). 

The plan will help keep you on track and better prepare you for your future. 

At VKO Financial, we keep the plan simple and easy to read. 


Cash flow planning allows you to understand the inflows and outflows of cash. 


This is an important process because it will help guide you with how much you save and spend. 


At VKO Financial, we go through every detail. 


Every year, you are obligated to submit your personal tax return to Canada Revenue Agency. 

At VKO Financial, we ensure to go through your documents carefully. We take the time to understand your financial situation and follow up with a call prior to submitting your tax return. 


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