The Introduction to Financial Literacy and Coding in Ontario

The change has arrived...

Well, well, well…

Guess what world? We are making some progress on our side. It was announced last month that Ontario has made some changes to its curriculum starting this September to integrate both financial literacy and coding.

But first let us explore why these changes are being implemented. Math scores of students in Ontario have been consistently declining over the last decade. How? Why? Based on my research, the curriculum was last updated in 2005. And over the last two years, the ministry of education had hired consultants such as parents, math educators, academics, and more to see what changes could be done to the curriculum in order to stop this trend.

The new curriculum will change for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8. This allows students to build their critical skills and prepare them to succeed in the modern world and workforce. Financial literacy will focus on the value and use of money using relevant and current practical examples. And for the first time, students will be introduced coding and basic computer programming skills. Isn’t that cool? While it is true that students are lacking everyday math, financial literacy, and numeracy skills. I believe it is time we get back to the basics, as Ford mentioned. I mean who uses linear algebra to calculate the money you need invested to earn $20,000 in 5 years while earning a 5% rate of return? I rest my case.

Personally, I find that fantastic! Why weren’t we taught this back in elementary school? I have no idea. However it is important to note that to implement financial literacy and coding at schools, the government has decided to remove the EQAO for both grade 3 and 6. The question is, how will the Ministry of Education know whether they are reaching the standard math level? Who knows!

Regardless, I look forward to the new school year. I am curious to see how the students will adapt to continue learning online and the integration of the new curriculum.

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